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Introducing OpenDal: Streamlined access to lifelong learning at Dalhousie

Posted by Jessie Hill on March 7, 2024 in News

An integrated system customized for the needs of lifelong learners. Welcome to OpenDal, a new way to experience online lifelong learning at Dalhousie.

Online lifelong learning courses feature flexible scheduling, multiple start dates, anytime/anywhere access, and open enrolment that strives to make lifelong learning an option for everyone. OpenDal, Dalhousie’s new fit-for-purpose integrated system for online lifelong learning, smoothly integrates course information, registration, payment, online course access, record-keeping and credential access into one single user experience. 

OpenDal supports a wide range of online lifelong learning opportunities, including microcredentials for career development, standalone courses in professional and continuing education, courses for community members and partner organizations, as well as lengthier certificates and diplomas.   

The switch to OpenDal began in January 2024, with nearly 600 learners now using the integrated system. Click here to read the full OpenDal announcement in Dal News