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Instructor Spotlight ‑ Joel Levitt

Posted by Darcy MacPhail on June 3, 2024 in News

In the next installment of our Instructor Spotlight series, we’re pleased to celebrate the contributions of another of our expert instructors. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Joel Levitt is the instructor of all three courses in our Certificate in Maintenance Management.

Let’s get to know Joel, as he was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to answer these questions:

1) How long have you been in the field of maintenance management?

Since 1980, I’ve been the president of Springfield Resources – a maintenance consulting firm that services clients on various maintenance issues. I’ve conducted more than 600 training sessions for more than 16,000 maintenance leaders from 3000 organizations in more than 25 countries.

2) What has been the biggest change in your field in recent years? 

It’s funny – over the years, I’ve seen that the issues remain the same. While technology has evolved, some people think it’s the answer. I believe it’s just part of the answer.

3) What’s the most surprising thing we might see on your resume/CV? 

I once underwent three years of training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist. I use it on every consulting assignment, but never with actual paying patients.

4) How do you unwind?

I enjoy volunteering as a Train Maintenance Supervisor at Valley Forge National Park outside of Philadelphia.

Joel has also written extensively about maintenance management. Please visit Springfield Resources to see a list of his works available on Amazon.

To hear first-hand from Joel on the certificate and the importance of effective maintenance management, you can watch this webinar recorded in 2021. Note: all courses for this certificate are now online – self-paced.