Course offerings


Required courses

MGMT 5000
Management Without Borders - completed in second year
PUAD 5100
Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management  
PUAD 5120
Introduction to Public Policy
PUAD 5130
Managerial Economics
PUAD 5131
Public Economics
PUAD 5140
Quantitative Methods for Public Sector Management
PUAD 5170
Public Sector Human Resources
PUAD 5180
Research Methods and Policy Analysis for the Public Sector 
PUAD 5201
Professional Development 1 - required for Internship 
PUAD 5202
Professional Development 2 - required for Internship
PUAD 5250
Strategic Financial Management
PUAD 6000
Ethics, Public Service and Governance


Elective courses

PUAD 6010
Issues in Public Administration: Strategic Management and Leadership
PUAD 6050

Strategic Management in the Public Sector 
PUAD 6235
Issues in Applied Economics
PUAD 6300
Alternative Program / Service Delivery
PUAD 6400

Local Government
PUAD 6420
Municipal Finance
PUAD 6450
Macroeconomics of Health
PUAD 6500
Business and Government
PUAD 6505
Interest Groups: Function and Management 
PUAD 6520
Program Evaluation Seminar
PUAD 6525
Practicum in Policy Analysis and Management
PUAD 6537
Issues in Environmental Policy
PUAD 6540
Canadian Regional Economic Development
PUAD 6555
E-Government:  Information Technology and Public Administration
PUAD 6556
E-Government:  International Experiences and Perspectives
PUAD 6560
Organizational Culture and Human Resources of Public Administration Institutions
PUAD 6570
Equity and Diversity Management
PUAD 6625
Special Topics in Human Resource Management 
PUAD 6630
Issues in Human Resources Management
PUAD 6750
Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
PUAD 6780
Comparative Development Administration
PUAD 6800/
PUAD 6855
PUAD 6900/
Directed Reading

You may also take up to three (3) graduate level courses, or 1.5 credits, outside the School of Public Administration if they are approved by the Program Manager.

All electives are not offered every semester or academic year. Please see the Academic Timetable for the list of elective classes currently offered.