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Practicum Guide


The Practicum is a required, non-credit course for all MLIS students. It’s usually a 100-hour work placement at an approved site, working under the supervision of an experienced Information Management (IM) professional; the 100-hour placement is typically unpaid.

In combination with required MLIS course work, the Practicum experience in an information setting is an essential element of the school's curriculum, and is a key element in the professional training for information management students.

Note: The student’s acceptance of a proposed placement constitutes a binding contract on the part of the student to undertake the work involved.


The Practicum placement experience enables the student to test and evaluate theories discussed in class, to gain experience in an information setting, to refine specific areas of interest, and to explore areas of particular interest for course specialization and future employment.

Learning Objectives

Academic: The student will apply theory learned in the classroom to his/her experiences in the field.

Professional: The student will use Practicum placement experiences to refine his/her Information Management goals, and to gain further practical skills and knowledge.

Personal: The student will gain confidence from the Practicum placement experiences, and increase his/her network of professional contacts.