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Management Research in Review

Posted by Faculty of Management on May 2, 2023 in Research

2022 was a year of research successes for the Faculty of Management, says Wiesława Dominika Wranik, associate dean (research). The Faculty’s 2022 Research in Review report was released this week, compiling publications from 48 Management researchers.

A graph shows the 10 most frequent research topics. The top three are business, environmental science and social sciences.
Researchers in the faculty of Management do cross-disciplinary issue-centred research that tackles complex multidimensional problems.


The metrics collected for the report show what kind of funding researchers receive and where they get published

“Publishing is just one aspect of the work we do,” says Dr. Wranik. “Our research activities also include training of new research talent at the graduate and undergraduate levels, competing for research funding, broadcasting our research to the world, and working on connections with communities and partners for whom we aim to create positive change.” 

That change, or impact as Dr. Wranik calls it, can be difficult to capture. And even though she's wary of isolating several projects to represent the entire faculty, she points to several in which impact is easily discerned.

Improving workplace culture

Dr. Dana Kabat-Farr researches workplace dynamics, including the concept of selective incivility, an insidious form of discrimination that differs from harassment because it focuses on ambiguous behaviours that are easily downplayed as oversights. She has worked directly with the Canadian Department of National Defence and the US Department of the Navy, as well as human resource practices aimed at improving workplace culture and retention. Her work is published in top-tier journals, and she was recognized with the 2022 President’s Research Excellence Award (Research Impact).

Developing a source for respectful terminology

Dr. Stacy Allison-Cassin’s project Linked data tools and Indigenous terminologies was recognized with Dalhousie’s 2022 Belong Research Fellowship. It is part of a larger Respectful Indigenous Terminologies Platform Project that aims to create a permanent and sustainable online platform that will be a dynamic, multilingual source for terminology and vocabulary sets that can be applied to Indigenous peoples, places, heritage, tradition, knowledge, and cultures. The Belong Fellowship project focuses on the assessment of existing linked data tools for viability for use in the larger project. 

Increasing Indigenous People’s influence on policies and projects

Dr. Sherry Pictou, along with four co-principal investigators, was awarded a New Frontiers Research Fund in the amount of $24 million to address issues such as food security, human–wildlife management, and the decolonization of science. Their project, titled Ărramăt, is a co-creation that involves more than 150 Indigenous organizations, universities, and other partners across 70 ecosystems around the world that are spiritually, culturally, and economically important to Indigenous peoples. 

Download the report to see the full list of publications by Management researchers: Management Research in Review 2022 [PDF 1.3 MB]