Checklist for Students

Policies and Procedures

  • Be aware of Faculty of Management’s Academic Integrity policy and procedures and implement them consistently
  • Familiarize yourself with the Professor-Student Contract for Academic Integrity and uphold it

If you receive notification of a suspected lapse of academic integrity, this is what you should do:

  • Respond to any communication from the Faculty Academic Integrity Coordinator immediately
  • Attend all scheduled meetings 
  • Decide if you would like an advocate through this process (e.g. a friend, family member, or DSAS* representative)

In the event of a specific lapse of academic integrity, this is what you must not do:

  • Become stressed; the Faculty of Management takes a learning-based approach to academic integrity and has no desire to treat students unfairly or harshly for honest mistakes.

If you suspect cheating by colleagues or lapses in standards by a professor, you may submit your concerns to Management’s Associate Dean (Academic) Mohammed El Hazzouri (

 *Dalhousie Student Advocacy Service

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