The Faculty of Management aims to become the internationally acknowledged centre of ‘values-based management’ whose graduates become private sector, public sector and civil society leaders who manage with integrity, focus on sustainability and make things happen.

Statement of Purpose and Values

As an integral part of Dalhousie University, the Faculty of Management represents a broad community of students, staff, faculty and alumni. We are actively connected to our local communities, employers, the academy and the world at large. We draw on the strengths of all management disciplines and we maximise synergies between all groups and individuals in our community. We seek to understand the nature of global change and offer solutions through interdisciplinary research and teaching.

The Faculty of Management is committed to preparing students for career and life challenges and opportunities. We focus on student engagement and we have a shared commitment to lifelong learning with our students and alumni. Our students aspire to make an impact.

Our programs are high quality, innovative, adaptable and accessible to diverse learners wherever they are. In these programs we balance real-world, experiential and theoretical elements of management education. We are committed to a values-based approach to management.

The Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University stands for collaboration and collegiality, transparency and accountability, professionalism and integrity. Every individual matters.

The strategic direction of the Faculty of Management is grounded in a deep understanding of global trends and inspired by active research of future possibilities. We are entrepreneurial and we embrace risk.