LAWS 2320‑ Technology & Innovation Law: Clinical Advocacy


The Law and Technology Legal Clinic (the “Clinic”) provides third year students with opportunities to provide supervised legal services to start-up companies that are using technology and engaging in innovation in the early stages of their development. Supervision will be provided by either the Faculty Supervisor, other faculty members, or local legal professionals. This course can be taken over the Fall or Winter term. Students will assist with research on a variety of topics relevant to business, intellectual property and technology law. Students will gain practical skills in interviewing clients; advising clients on business and legal strategy; identifying legal issues; and drafting a variety of agreements related to business formation, technology transactions, and commercialization of intellectual property. In addition, students will create webinars, prepare presentations, and conduct educational events for the start-up community through various mediums. Students will learn to use and appreciate the latest technology being implemented in law firms and develop an understanding for changes occurring in the legal profession. Intense skills training will take place during the first week of the course and will continue on an ad hoc basis throughout the semester.

Prerequisite(s): Business Associations (LAWS 2002), and at least one of Law and Technology (LAWS 2019); Internet and Media Law (LAWS 2168); Intellectual Property Law l (LAWS 2178)
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Multiple methods of assessment will be used to evaluate the students’ success in meeting the learning objectives set out above. Pass/Fail/Honours.
Restrictions: This course is available to third year students only. Students can not take both LAWS 2320 and Information Technology Transactions (LAWS 2170).