LAWS 2217 ‑ Intellectual Property Commercialization Placement


The course provides students with an out-of-classroom opportunity to work under supervision with individuals involved in the commercialization of intellectual property and technology transfer arrangements within and outside the university system. Students will have the opportunity to do hands-on practical assignments in intellectual property and related confidential business information from the research state throughout the intellectual property (Patent) application processes to actual commercialization initiatives. Students will be exposed to the complex chains of interactions between researcher, intellectual property administrators and investors in the commercialization of intellectual property. The weekly placement commitment of 7-10 hours is required of participating students.

Prerequisite(s): Intellectual Property Law (LAWS 2178).
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Students will be evaluated, in part, on the basis of their performance in respect of the program of work described above. In addition, they are to submit a substantial piece of a gradable written work arising from their experience in the program. That work, which will be submitted to the Faculty Supervisor, is subject to standing rules on research paper and plagiarism in the Law School. It will not exceed 25 pages A4 size double spaced in 12 pt. font, including footnotes. The Faculty Supervisor, in consultation with the ILI Placement Supervisor, will review copies of the student’s written work in the placement program and the Placements Supervisor’s overall report on the student’s performance, will assign a grade of “Honours”, “Pass” or “Failure”.
Restrictions: Students are not permitted to audit this course.

*This course is unavailable to International Linkages students.