LAWS 2180 ‑ Directed Research Project


Major projects requiring the production of media contributions (that is to radio, television, newspapers or magazines) may be accepted for academic credit at the Schulich School of Law. It is recognized that such endeavours deserve recognition both as legitimate academic exercises and as contributions to the public service mission of students and faculty. These projects may satisfy a major paper or examination component, as arranged between the professor and student. A high level of professional involvement is expected from the time the project is conceptualized until completion. Students and faculty should employ the guidelines for Directed Research papers (DRPs) in planning and evaluating such projects, with appropriate changes.

Proposals for Directed Research Projects must be approved by the Studies Committee. Some limitations may be imposed upon the student's right to appeal a grade with which he or she is dissatisfied, given that this mode of evaluation does not fit within the usual Law School grading patterns. Although the Faculty encourages such innovative undertakings, the professor and student will be responsible to ensure that the academic standards of the Law School are maintained. 

Restrictions: All Directed Research Papers by permission only.

*This course is unavailable to International Linkages students.