LAWS 2028 ‑ Copyright Law


This course focuses on advanced issues in copyright law. It will explore a range of topics in copyright law, such as the history of copyright, philosophical justifications for copyright, feminism and copyright, and copyright and human rights. Emphasis will be placed on the multi-media environment for the creation, distribution, transmission, manipulation, marketing, and licensing of copyright-protected works. Other issues which may be explored include the contours of authorship, originality and creativity. As well, the course may explore the expansion of the copyright domain in the context of legal and policy debates and the impact of new technologies as well as technology-driven regulatory and access devices on copyright jurisprudence. In appropriate instances, comparative perspectives on copyright in other jurisdictions such as the United States and the European Union could be examined.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): Intellectual Property Law (LAWS 2178).
Assessment Method: Major paper, assignments and class participation.
Restrictions: None.