Speech‑Language Pathology Practicum Information

Practicum refers to the development of skills through:

  • application of academic concepts to the clinical setting;
  • observation of clinical activities;
  • participation in simulated activities; and
  • participation in client care through practicum placements.

Students move through these activities in incremental steps, eventually achieving greater responsibility for the care of clients.

At the end of the first year of the program, students participate in a speech-language and hearing screening program of pre-school children at community pre-schools and other facilities.

During the second year fall and winter terms, practicum placements are arranged within the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres metro sites, in a public school setting within Halifax, at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, or at private clinics. Students are responsible for transportation to these placements. In addition to clinical placements, students are required to attend practicum preparation clinical meetings.

During the summer of the second year of the program, students are assigned to facilities on a full-time basis for a 12-week internship within the Atlantic Provinces. One of the options for the internship placement is with the InteRACT program. This placement provides 6-8 students per year with intensive exposure to aphasia rehabilitation in an
interprofessional context.

In the final externship placement in the winter term of the third year, students are placed outside the Halifax area. Students may be placed in sites across Canada. Placements outside of Canada will be considered if appropriate clinical supervision is available.