Innovative approach, measurable results

Our evidence-based aphasia therapy program helps participants set goals and develop the skills and strategies they need to return to the activities and life they once loved—whether it’s writing an email, going out for dinner, or stepping back into the workforce. Learn more about InteRACT.

Why InteRACT?

  1. Highly tailored aphasia therapy. This is not a cookie-cutter plan. Each program is customized, targeting your specific speech and language needs, challenges and goals.
  2. Intensive programming is the best way to accomplish specific results. That’s why we offer 100+ hours of one-on-one aphasia therapy, plus small group sessions, recreation therapy and community activities.
  3. Proven success. We are the longest running intensive aphasia therapy program in Canada. Our participants come away with measurably improved communication skills and renewed confidence.

Program snapshot

Length: 4.5 weeks
Speech and language therapy: 5 hours per day
Additional therapy: Physiotherapy, recreation therapy & community integration activities
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Are you a good candidate for InteRACT?

Admission is open to adults with all types of aphasia, at all levels of impairment and recovery, and at any age. Admission considerations include medical stability and physical readiness for the intensity of the program.