Why Study Here?

Dynamic and Constructive Learning Environment

PhD in Health Student, Matt Baker with School Director, Dr. Anne Fenety

 “The Rehabilitation Research program within the School of Physiotherapy provides a great example of the breadth of research occurring at Dalhousie, in its own micro-environment. Students are given the opportunity to work closely with interdisciplinary professionals studying a variety of topics from neurological rehabilitation to the impacts of musculoskeletal disease. Students are challenged to work outside their comfort zone, which in turn provides a dynamic and constructive learning environment.”                                  

-Matt Baker, PhD in Health candidate

The School of Physiotherapy is the only school in Atlantic Canada that offers advanced education and research training in entry-level physiotherapy (MScPT). In addition:

  • We are currently the only school in Canada that offers the possibility of combining Research (MSc) and Entry to Practice (MScPT) degrees into a 3-year joint program.
  • Our professors are known for their leading research in a diverse range of health topics. Students have the opportunity to learn from accomplished researchers and conduct their own research projects.
  • The School of Physiotherapy provides the opportunity to learn from renowned researchers, many of who conduct their work directly from within the School of Physiotherapy. Visit the LRBF and JAR lab for more information.
  • We offer unparallelled opportunities for interprofessional education, ensuring all students graduate with experience working as part of a collaborative health team.
  • Our programs are accredited, ensuring they meet the standards of national regulating bodies.  After writing certification exams, you'll be eligible to practice physiotherapy nationally.
  • Our students participate in meaningful and engaging clinical practicum placements, including interprofessional student team placements, in rural and urban settings throughout Atlantic Canada, nationally and abroad.
  • Our graduates are in high demand. Students often have a job offers upon graduation.

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