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The Master of Science (Physiotherapy) program at Dalhousie University has completed the accreditation review process administered by Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada (PEAC). PEAC is an incorporated body under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and operates as the accrediting agency for physiotherapy education programs in Canada. The status of Accreditation–Fully Compliant was granted to the program on April 30, 2014. A description of Accreditation–Fully Compliant follows.

Accreditation – Fully Compliant

A program is in compliance with 100% of the accreditation criteria within the Accreditation Standards.
There are no criteria in non-compliance.
There could be identified concerns that the program must improve upon and report back about in Progress Reports.
If progress is not made, the program’s accreditation status could be changed to partially compliant or probationary at any time in the six year accreditation cycle.

More details regarding the definitions of the levels of accreditation are available at http://www.peac-aepc.ca/english/accreditation/levels-of-accreditation.php

Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada, Suite 26, 509 Commissioners Road West, London, Ontario, N6J 1Y5, (226) 636-0632, www.peac-aepc.ca