Enhancing competence and care

Dalhousie's Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions is a program for those working within the field of health and social services, or in other professional capacities, who interact with individuals facing mental health and/or addictions challenges.  It includes four courses, offered fully online, with topics including developing foundational and theoretical knowledge, advanced practice issues, and health promotion.

With a broad student base, the certificate emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary education and research, allowing professionals from different backgrounds to understand how to work collaboratively - with each other, and with individuals experiencing mental health and addictions challenges.

What you'll learn

As a student in the Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions, you'll:

  • Get to know current mental health and addictions systems and how they work.
  • Learn how to make individuals, families and communities the focus of your practice.
  • Prepare to work collaboratively and interprofessionally within, and across, mental health and addictions systems.
  • Read the latest research on mental health and addictions, and learn how to incorporate, evaluate and apply the information in your decision making.
  • Learn how to advocate and work for change.
  • Expand your knowledge of mental health, substance use and addictions.
  • Discover strategies for working with individuals with mental health and addictions challenges that are informed by the latest research and clinical expertise.


A driving force

"The drive for the program came from the workforce," says Dr. Robert Gilbert, who worked on developing the program. "The goal was to provide professionals with the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required to improve the lives of persons affected by mental health and addictions challenges."