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You can make a valuable contribution to the future of the nursing profession with a donation to Dalhousie’s School of Nursing. Your gift will support scholarships and bursaries, fund important research projects and ensure that the School has access to quality facilities and technology.

Giving back is easy, and you can direct your support to the area of your choosing.

Nursing Bursary for Black Canadians and Indigenous Students

Established in 2016 out of the care and generosity of the faculty and staff in Dalhousie’s School of Nursing, the Nursing Bursary for Black Canadian and Indigenous Students is meant to facilitate recruitment, retention, and student success in the nursing program. This bursary fills a gap in equitable access for Black Canadian and Indigenous students and represents a step toward enhancing diversity within the Nursing profession.

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Nursing Research & Development

Members of research teams seek to improve the health of people who live in many countries but particularly Canadians and people who reside in the Atlantic Region through the investigation of real problems facing people and the context in which we live, teach and practice.

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School of Nursing

The School of Nursing fosters a strong sense of community among students, faculty and staff. We work together on a wide range of academic, professional, social and charitable initiatives, generating positive outcomes for internal and external stakeholders.

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