Diploma Programs

1. What is the tuition for the DHSA/DEHSM program?

The tuition for the DHSA or DEHSM program is per course-based so students pay fees according to the number of courses they are completing in a particular term.  The cost per class will be approximately $1090 (this includes incidental fees assessed by Student Accounts).   An additional distance fee of $240 per course is also assessed for students enrolled in diploma courses.   For more detailed information, please refer to the Money Matters website.

2. How much will I have to pay for the program?

The estimated cost for one year of your program can be determined by using the Fees Calculator on the Money Matters website.  Please note the diploma programs are offered by distance education only so the cost estimate for housing can be excluded. Please see Money Matters link

3. Will I work with other students?

Yes, there will be opportunities for group work, projects, discussions, etc.  Diploma students have the opportunity to interact through the online Brightspace distance learning website.

4. Will I be able to contact my professor?

Yes, the contact information for each professor will be provided in the course syllabus.  Instructor information can also be found under the Faculty profiles on our website.

5. Will I have an Academic Advisor?

Diploma students can contact the Program Coordinator for assistance.

6. Is there assistance with writing papers?

Yes, there is a Writing Centre on campus and we encourage students to use this service.  Please see their website for more information as to how the Writing Centre can help.

7. How do I access the Dalhousie Library system from a distance

The Health Sciences Librarian will provide students with the information required to do online literature searches, RefWorks orientation, library collections, etc.  More details can be found on the Dalhousie Libraries website.

8. Do I have to purchase textbooks and readings?

It depends on the class. If a textbook is required, students can purchase the texts from the Dalhousie University Health Sciences Bookstore.  Students can search the Bookstore Site   by course number  to determine which texts are needed and make arrangements to have them shipped directly.  It is our goal to have all readings available electronically on the class BLS site.

9. Where do I get the application form?

The application form can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

10. Is there a letter of reference form?

There are no standard reference forms/letters required for undergraduate applicants.  References can be submitted on organization letterhead or standard correspondence paper.  Reference can be academic or professional and should support the student’s application to the DHSA or DEHSM program.

11. What is the application deadline?

The deadline for our undergraduate diploma programs is:  March 1st for September admission, November 15th for January admission and (DEHSM only March 15th for May admission).

12. What is the application deadline for International Applications?

The deadline for international applicants is the same as Canadian applicants:  March 1st for September admission, November 15th for January admission and (DEHSM only March 15th for May admission).

13. What type of reference is required in support of my application to the diploma program?

Applicants to the diploma programs may submit an academic or professional reference in support of their application. 

14. Once I apply, how long will it take before I'm notified of a decision?

The Admissions Committee meets frequently to review the applications files.  Once completed files are reviewed, the Admissions Committee processes the files in timely manner.  In the case where more information is required, the applicant will be contacted by email.  Applicants may call the School at 902-494-2201 any time to inquire as to the status of their application.  Once a complete application has been received and reviewed, students are notified of a decision within 2-3 weeks.

15. I have been admitted to the diploma program, now what?

Once the School of Health Administration Admission Committee has reviewed an application it is sent to the Registrar’s Office for final approval. A letter is sent by the School of Health Administration advising applicants of the Committee’s decision. A formal offer of admission is made by the Registrar’s Office following review of the School decision. Applicants must confirm their offer of admission by the deadline provided in their admission package. The Registrar’s Office will forward information outlining the next  steps required to set up a Dalhousie University User ID and password as well as your student email account. Once set up, an admission deposit can be paid and students can register for classes.

16. If I have questions regarding an application, who should I contact?

All questions concerning admission can be directed to healthadmin@dal.ca or 902-494-7097.

17. If I begin the program as a full-time students, can I switch to part-time at a later date?

Yes.  Health Administration fees are based on the number of courses taken per term so students may switch from full time to part time study (or vice versa).  Full time students register for 3-5 classes per term; while part time students register for a maximum of 2 courses per term.