Online Undergraduate Programs

The programs we offer at an undergraduate level fall into two areas of specialism: Health Sector Administration, and Emergency Health Services Management.  You can explore all of these options using the links below. 

Our programs are designed for working professionals, and particularly those on shift patterns: you will not be tied to specific meeting times, and you can access your courses when and where you like. We have a particular set of programs for paramedics.

If you are an Advanced Care Paramedic seeking an accelerated pathway to your Bachelor degree, click on the link to the BHSc (EMS Management). 

If you are a paramedic seeking a degree but are not yet an ACP, you can start with an individual course, a Certificate or a Diploma.  You will be able to credit these courses towards your degree when you qualify as an ACP. 

If you are not sure how to make this work with your other commitments, we suggest choosing a stand-alone course.  This will let you test out the process before committing to a full program.  

Most importantly, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions - reach out to our Undergraduate Coordinator: Heather MacKenzie-Carey

Our programs include (click on the titles to learn more): 

Our programs have the distinction of being both targeted to the world of work, and of being validated by the University as having the academic rigour of a degree program.  This means that they can be taken as stand-alone qualifications by professionals in the field, or, in the case of the certificates, they can be taken by undergraduate students looking to gain additional specialisms which will be formally recognised upon graduation.  

Once you have explored the details of each program using the links above and/or to the right, don't hesitate to reach out with your questions.

Application deadlines: if you have missed a deadline, please reach out to us anyway: we can normally accommodate late applications.