Message from the President, Dalhousie School of Health Administration Alumni Association

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Dalhousie University School of Health Administration Alumni Association. Founded in 1982, the School's Alumni Association represents over 800 graduates from the School’s Master and Diploma programs.

Many of our Alumni have made significant impacts on the healthcare system by aspiring to such leadership roles:

  • CEOs
  • Ministers of Health
  • Deputy-Ministers
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • other leadership professionals

It is safe to say, our graduates represent some of the world’s most respected and recognized leaders in healthcare transformation, governance, and operations.

The Alumni Association strives to support the professional development and leadership advancement of each of its members. We lead numerous programs and initiatives, offering our graduates professional growth and networking opportunities. Working closely with the Canadian College of Health Leaders the Alumni Association actively engages in partnerships to co-lead and promote the advancement of our members in:

  • public
  • private 
  • nonprofit communities

Our Alumni take pride in our partnership with the School of Health Administration and Dalhousie University. Leading initiatives such as Professional Skills Series, residency preparation, and career-advising, the Alumni take an active role in mentoring and coaching emerging health leaders.

Our alumni base is growing and the work of our Committee continues to adapt to meet the needs of our members and stakeholders. On behalf of the Alumni Association I would like to welcome you to the School of Health Administration and warmly encourage your engagement in all that our Alumni Association has to offer.

Reece Bearnes President SHA Alumni Association