Serguei IakovlevPh.D., P.Eng.



Phone: 902-494-6052
Fax: 902-423-1801
Mailing Address: 
1360 Barrington Street
PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS,
Canada, B3H 4R2


  • MEng, PhD (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University)

Research interests

  • Mathematical modeling of non-stationary fluid-structure interaction

Selected recent publications

  1. Iakovlev, S. 2020 Semi-analytical modeling of non-stationary fluid-structure interaction, Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft: CAE Tools for Sustainable Mobility, Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics 92, Springer Verlag, 95-110.
  2. Iakovlev, S. 2019 Structural analysis of a submerged fluid-filled cylindrical shell subjected to a shock wave, Journal of Fluids and Structures 90, 450-477.
  3. Iakovlev, S. 2018 Structural analysis of a submerged cylindrical shell subjected to two consecutive spherical shock waves, Journal of Fluids and Structures 76, 506-526.
  4. Iakovlev, S., Lefieux, A., Huntemann, B., Santos, H. A. F. A., Pyke, D. 2017 On the observability of the pseudo-Rayleigh waves on submerged cylindrical shells, Journal of Fluids and Structures 69, 108-120.
  5. Iakovlev, S., Pyke, D., Santos, H. A. F. A. 2016 Semi-analytical technique for isolating the pseudo-Rayleigh component of the field induced by a transiently responding submerged cylindrical shell, Journal of Fluids and Structures 65, 21-29.