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[A paragraph to introduce the page] The contributions of each member is valuable. Our faculty and staff make essential contributions that enrich your learning experiences, support teaching and enable Dal to maintain its position as one of Canada’s leading research universities.

 Nauman Aslam

Wireless sensor networks

Fault tolerant and reliable communication

Remote health monitoring applications


Quality of serviceRouting and switching

 GorDon Fenton

Variance reduction techniques applied to random field simulation

Reliability-based geotechnical design and code development

Risk assessment of geotechnical systems

Probabilistic behaviour of shallow and deep foundations, earth retaining structures, and slopes

Effects of climate change on climatic loadsRisks associated with carbon capture and storage

 Wendy C. Gentleman

Investigation of the role of zooplankton grazing behavior and diet for the dynamics of High-Nitrate-Low-Chlorophyll regions

Assessing effects of environmental variability for Calanus finmarchicus population dynamics in the Northwest Atlantic

Simulation of the drift and retention of scallop larvae on Georges Bank

Estimation of mortality rates from zooplankton field data

 Serguei Iakovlev

Developing a computationally efficient semi-analytical approach to mathematical modeling of three-dimensional fluid-structure interaction with the focus on problems with complex geometry and involving multiple fluids and/or structural materials

Using mathematical modeling to facilitate a better understanding of the complex physics of the interaction between fluids and structures

Using mathematical modeling to aid designing innovative engineering structures with improved safety and effciency characteristics with the emphasis on proposing unconventional structural modifications

Practice-oriented analysis of engineering structures interacting with fluids with the focus on the extreme conditions of operation

Realistic 2D and 3D visualization of various aspects of fluid-structure interaction

 Guy C. Kember

Networked Neural control of the heart Understanding mechanisms for the behaviour of biological networks in the presence and absence of pathology. This work is conducted with a team of medical researchers and involves animal experimentation, data analysis, and mathematical modelling. Keywords: Aperiodic stochastic resonance, Neurocardiology, Vagal Nerve Stimulation, Networked Control, Pulsatile flow, Elastic arterial trees. Researchers are from UCLA, ESTU, Dalhousie University.

Industrial Control over IP The focus is on remote predictive control of manufacturing processes over noisy, shared networks. This work is conducted in collaboration with a controls group at University of New Brunswick, and involves hardware, physical and mathematical modelling. Keywords: Fuzzy logic, Model Predictive Control, Nonlinear optimization.

Asymptotic Methods These are generally considered for example in predictive control, porous shock flows, water hammer, and bonding composites. Keywords: matched asymptotic expansions, method of multiple scales. NYU Dubai, Dalhousie University.

Biological Signal Processing Biological network data derived from multiple recordings taken in the clinical and animal model settings typically require some capacity to both filter spurious signals and find relationships between simultaneously measured signals. Each problem is heavily dependent upon knowledge of possible mechanisms and the data analysis is designed to test for a mechanism. Pattern recognition, Biomedical signal processing, Mathematical modelling.

 Farzaneh Naghibi

Reliability-based geotechnical design and code development

Risk assessment of geotechnical systems

Probabilistic behaviour of shallow and deep foundations

Random field modeling of spatially varying media

Variance reduction techniques applied to random field simulation

 William J. Phillips
Dr. Phillips' research program is aimed at algorithms and implementations for communication networks.  Current research topics include Wireless Sensor Networks, Quality of Service Management and Software Defined Networks.
 William (Bill) Robertson

Network communications

Quality of service

Wireless networks

 Edward Yao

Large networks

Water hammer

Queueing theory