Financial Aid and Scholarhsips

Explore internal and external opportunities

At Dalhousie, you can find many opportunities to fund your graduate education. Scholarships are normally offered and administrated by various sponsoring organizations such as NSERC and the university.

Funding opportunities

We encourage you to check out the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for information on:

You can also find information on how to apply and how to finance your studies.

Teaching assistantships

Teaching assistantships are administrated and assigned by the ECE department based on a graduate student’s experience in teaching, including English proficiency. A graduate student who receives a teaching assistantship performs teaching assistant duties for an undergraduate class and is under the supervision of the class instructor. Students are required to study for one full term prior to qualifying for a teaching assistantship. Research assistantships normally come from professors’ research grants and are administrated by individual professors. A student who receives a research assistantship is expected to conduct research directed by the professor.