Faculty & Staff

Administrative Office

Position Name Office Email
Department Head Jean-François Bousquet C368 ecehead@dal.ca
Undergraduate Advisor Yuan Ma
C314 eceugrad@dal.ca
Graduate Coordinator Jacek Ilow C250 ecegrad@dal.ca
Co-Op Advisor Jose Gonzalez-Cueto C315 ececoop@dal.ca
Administrator Tamara Cantrill C366 Tamara.Cantrill@dal.ca
Acting Administrative & Undergraduate Secretary   C367 ece.admin@dal.ca
Graduate Secretary     ece.ss@dal.ca

Full-Time Faculty

Name Phone/Ext Office Email Area of Research
Rob Adamson (joint-appointment) (902) 473-3480 VG Site rob.adamson@dal.ca Biomedical Engineering
Jeremy Brown (joint-appointment) (902) 473-1515 VG Site j.brown@dal.ca Biomedical Engineering
Jean-François Bousquet (902) 494-3624
(902) 494-6042 (Chair)
K Bldg jbousquet@dal.ca Microelectronics, Communications
Michael Cada (902) 494-6074 C310 michael.cada@dal.ca Photonics / Fiber Optics
Zhizhang (David) Chen, Fellow of IEEE, CAE, EIC
(on leave)
(902) 494-6000 K204
z.chen@dal.ca Electromagnetics, Antenna, Wireless Technology
Dr. Ezz El-Masry (902) 494-3983 C308 ezz.el-masry@dal.ca Microelectronics
Dr. Kamal El-Sankary (902) 494-2711 C371 Kamal.El-Sankary@dal.ca Microelectronics, Embedded Systems
Michael Freund (Cross-appointment) (902) 494-2041   michael.freund@dal.ca Electronic Materials, Sensing
Jose Gonzales-Cueto (902) 494-6050 C315 jose.gonzalez-cueto@dal.ca Signal Processing

Jason Gu, Fellow of CAE and EIC

On sabbatical

(902) 494-3163 C312 jason.gu@dal.ca Control, Robotics, Biomedical

Larry Hughes

On sabbatical

(902) 494-3950 C369 larry.hughes@dal.ca Energy Systems, Computer Engineering
Jacek Ilow (902) 494-3981 C250 j.ilow@dal.ca Signal Processing, Communications, Networks
Ghada Koleilat (902) 494-4177 P2233 ghada.koleilat@dal.ca Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Sensing
Joshua Leon, Fellow of CAE and FEC
(902) 494-6217 M108
Uniacke House, 2nd floor
joshua.leon@dal.ca Computational Electronics, Biomedical
Colin O'Flynn TBD IDEA Building 2003 coflynn@dal.ca Cyber Security, Embedded Systems
Mae L. Seto (cross-appointment) (902) 494-6194 C303 mae.seto@dal.ca Robotic autonomy, controls, multi-agent systems, ocean engineering
Vincent Sieben (902) 440-4134 C301 sieben@dal.ca Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Ocean Sensors, Energy
Timothy Little, Associate Dean of Engineering (902) 494-6154 C316 timothy.little@dal.ca Power, Electromechanics
Yuan Ma (902) 494-6129 C314 yuan.ma@dal.ca Microelectronics, MEMS
Sergey Ponomarenko (902) 494-3270 C313 serpo@dal.ca Photonics, Fiber Optics, Optical Physics

Dmitry Trukhachev

(902) 494-4370 K Bldg dmitry@dal.ca Communications, Signal Processing, Computer Engineering

Adjunct & Emeritus Faculty

Office Email
Hamed Aly
(902) 817-4229 C367 Hamed.Aly@Dal.Ca
Peter Gregson
(902) 494-3995
C235B peter.gregson@dal.ca
Hamed Hanafialamdari
Paul Hines
(902) 494-3996 C367 phines50@gmail.com
Aaron MacNeill (902) 494-3996
Allan Marble (Emeritus)
(902) 494-3995
Mark McIntyre
(902) 494-3996 C367 mark.mcintyre@dal.ca
Hong Nie
(902) 494-3996 C367 hong.nie@uni.edu
Nghia Nguyen-Huu


Name Phone Office Email
Mark LeBlanc (902) 494-3991 IDEA Building 2011A mark.leblanc@dal.ca
Alex Pudsey (902) 494-3941 IDEA Building 2011A alex.pudsey@dal.ca
Tyler Seize     tyler.seize@dal.ca
Jordan Wright     jordan.wright@del.ca