The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Dalhousie University is located in downtown Halifax – a beautiful harbour city in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.

Brief history of our department

Our department was a part of the Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS) prior to 1997. On April 1, 1997, the Technical University of Nova Scotia merged with Dalhousie University and became the Faculty of Engineering of Dalhousie University. The campus it resides in has since been named Sexton Campus of Dalhousie University after the name of the founder of TUNS.

Our faculty

Currently, we have 16 full time faculty members (mainly responsible for third and fourth year electrical and computer engineering program), five adjunct professors, two secretaries, four technologists, 150+ undergraduate students, and 80+ graduate students. Three of our full-time faculty members are the Fellow of the IEEE, four are the Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and three are the Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Labs and facilities

We have five undergraduate and six research laboratories. They are well equipped with PC's, workstations, digital oscilloscopes, function generators, and other specialized instrumentation for both undergraduate and graduate work. We have graduated students who work and hold key positions all around the globe.  We have also conducted outstanding research that has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Many of our faculty members have won national and international awards and are known in their specific research areas.

Why study Electrical and Computer Engineering at Dalhousie?

Whether you are interested in programs at the undergraduate or graduate level, learn more about why you should choose to study at Dalhousie.