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Alumni & Industry

Interactions with Industry

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has been actively seeking active collaborations with industry through its Advisory Board, senior year projects and research programs.

The ECED Advisory Board

The ECE Department has established its advisory board. Its main functions are (i) to advise the Head and the department of its strategic directions, issues, and policy; (ii) to look into the opportunities of expanding the department’s R&D activities and to liaison with other potential sponsors for research projects, contracts and donations. The current board members are:

  • Clark Bain, Vice President, Ultra-Electronics Maritime Systems Ltd.,
  • Michael Cada, Professor, Dalhousie University
  • Zhizhang (David) Chen, Professor, ECE Dept. Head, Dalhousie University
  • Jim Hanlon, CEO, Halifax Marine Research Institute,
  • Mohammad El-Hawary, Professor, Dalhousie University
  • Barrie P. Keyworth, CEO,  KeyTech Consulting Ltd. of Ottawa
  • Sheldon MacDonald, Vice President, Bell Alliant
  • Bruce MacDougall, CEO, Internetworking Atlantic Inc.
  • Phil Zinck, manager, Nova Scotia Power

Senior Year projects

As a compulsory part of its undergraduate program, the ECE Department requires all its students to complete and pass an eight-month senior design project course in the last year of the program. The purpose of the Senior Year Projects is to expose our students to the real-world problems and train them in practical problem-solving skills. Therefore, projects from outside the Department including those from industry are particularly welcome and they are also very popular among students. There will be no labor costs associated with the projects but some material cost.  If you have any project proposals, please contact our office by phone at 494-3106 or by email at ecess@dal.ca for further details.

Research program

Our faculty and graduate students have been carrying out extensive research and development in partnership with industry through various programs in the past; they include NSERC Industrial Chair, CREATE Training Program, Engage Grant, Strategic Project, Collaborative Research development and company contracts.   We are keen in continuing our collaborations and are seeking any possible opportunities.  If you have potential research and development, please contact our office by phone at 494-3996 or by email at elecdept@dal.ca for further communications.  You may also contact the faculty in your area directly and discuss the research possibility with him/her.  The research areas and contact information can be found under the Research and Faculty sections of this website.