Auditing a Course

Any student who wishes to audit a course must follow the procedures as outlined below.  Master's students may only audit a course in their first three terms (i.e., their residency period).  Ph.D. students may only audit courses in their first six terms (i.e., their residency period):

  1. The student must obtain an Audit Form from the Sexton Student Service Centre (Main Entrance, B Building,1360 Barrington Street | Phone: 494-6047) or from the Registrar's Office.
  2. The student must obtain both the signature of the course instructor and his or her supervisor.
  3. The student submits the form to the Sexton Student Service Centre for registration.
  4. The student must then fill out a Graduate Student Program Update Form [PDF - 140 kB] to reflect the audit. Without this form, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will not approve the audit and will charge the student the full audit fee.
  5. The Faculty of Graduate Studies is enforcing a restriction on the number of audits a student may take: Master's students can have only 1 full credit (2 - 1/2 credit classes); PhD students can have two full credit (4 - 1/2 credit classes).
  6. Audits must be relevant to the student's program - e.g., Introduction to Spanish will not be approved.
  7. Audits are processed after the last day of registration and are based on classroom availability. Just because you follow these steps does not guarantee that your audit will be approved.