Civil and Resource Engineering Health, Safety and Environment

The Department of Civil and Resource currently has a Health, Safety and Environment Committee in place comprised of Faculty, Staff and Students with the mission to initiate, promote and monitor safe work practices in the Department of Civil and Resource Engineering at Dalhousie University.

The University’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety is phasing out the paper incident forms that have been used previously, and are implementing a new on-line system that allows better tracking of statistical data and ability to meet regulatory requirements.  The Faculty of Engineering is now using only the electronic form.

The new reporting system is in two parts, with the first part being filled out by the injured party (or on their behalf) as soon as possible after an incident.  This report is automatically (immediately) sent to the person they listed as their supervisor, who would then complete the second half of the report. Please refer to the link above for an instructional video.

**NOTE** - you need to be on a Dal network (either on campus or via VPN) to access to the system for either portion of the electronic form.

Civil and Resource Department Chief Warden:  Jesse Keane


Lab N201 Fire Warden:  Heather Daurie


The department currently offers a safety orientation yearly for all Undergraduate Students and three times a year for Graduate Students.


The department also has a limited supply of hard hats, safety glasses, and a few pairs of safety work boots available for loan.