Accident and Incident Reporting

Dalhousie University endeavours to prevent any accidents/incidents from occurring. However, if one does occur, its goal is to respond and make the appropriate changes to neutralize the issue or decrease the rate of reoccurrence. For this reason, it is essential that all accidents and near misses are reported and recorded to ensure action may be taken.

Reporting your Accident/Incident

If you are involved in a workplace accident, whether or not an injury results, report it immediately to your supervisor. Your supervisor is required to:

  • Ensure that you receive prompt first aid or medical attention;
  • Report all workplace accidents and incidents to the EH&S Office using the Accident/Incident Report Form [PDF - 165 KB] and faxing it to 902 494 2996, and;
  • Conduct an accident investigation to prevent and/or decrease rates of reoccurrence with the help of the EH&S Office and local JOSH Committee.

If you are part of Facilities Management, or are located on the Sexton campus, please review the following video prior to filling out the electronic Accident/Incident form. If you are a supervisor with Facilities Management or are located on Sexton campus, please review the following video.

If you are a visitor to campus or are unsure of who your supervisor is, you may also fill out the Accident/Incident Report Form [PDF - 165 KB] and fax it to the EH&S Office after seeking the appropriate medical attention.

At any time, you may request a copy of your Accident/Incident Report from the EH&S Office, or contact us for any further questions or assistance.