About Us

The Environmental Health and Safety Office functions within the portfolio of the Vice President of Finance, and Administration to support Dalhousie University's Environmental Health and Safety Program and operates to:

  • Offer advice to the University's Senior Management on ways in which the University can strengthen its efforts to provide a healthy and safe environment in support of the entire range of University activities;
  • Support the activities of the University's Environmental Health and Safety Committee;
  • Support the Deans, Directors, and Chairs of Departments as they discharge their responsibilities for health and safety within their units;
  • Liaise with regulatory agencies and their organizations to keep the University informed of developments that could impact the Environmental Health and Safety Program;
    Ensure inspections, testing, and training are carried out as needed to ensure the university is operating in accord with legislation;
  • Coordinate the disposal of hazardous waste created by teaching and research programs, and by the University's operations; and
  • Provide support services for biosafety, chemical safety, environmental protection (hazardous materials), ergonomic assessments, fire safety, life safety, radiation protection, and occupational safety.