Safety Committees

Safety Committe Memberships

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee
University Appointees Employee and Student Group Appointees
Mike Burns
Security Services
Christine Anjowski
DPMG, Microbiology & Immunology
Tammy Chauinard (Chair)
Ian Blair
NSGEU77, Networks & Systems
Marlene Daye-Smith
Financial Services
Josh Cooke
Chris Keough
Athletics & Recreational Services
Carmel Forde
CUPE, Philosophy
Lori Lamrock
Facilities Management
Paul Hadley
NSGEU99, Trades
Greg McNutt
Medicine, Building Services
Clayton Mitchell
NSGEU99, Security
Ruth Murray
Faculty of Engineering
Mark Obrovac
DFA (Faculty), Chemistry
Mateo Yorke
Ancillary Services
Cindy Penney
DFA (Instructors), Physiology & Biophysics
  Jacqueline Schwartz
Research Technician, Carleton Animal Care
Radiation Safety Committee
Dr. Stanley Cameron
Dr. Ryan Pelis
Dr. Richard Dunlap
Physics and Atmospheric Science
TBA (Secretary)
Safety Office
Dr. Kimberly Hall
Physics and Atmospheric Science
Kathleen Murphy
Dr. Kevin Hewitt
Physics and Atmospheric Science
Dr. Neale Ridgway (Chair)
Dr. David Hoskin
Microbiology & Immunology
Anne Lelacheur (Agricultural Campus)
Environmental Sciences
Workshop Safety Committee
Jerry Aguinaga
Safety Office
Ray Dube
Process Engineering & Applied Science
Steve Beaton
Safety Office
Steve Ellis
Safety Office
Kevin Borgel
Physics and Atmospheric Science
Gord Rines
Facilities Management
Mike Boutilier
Frank Smith
Medical Neuroscience
Torin Buzek
Julie Walker
Agricultural Environmental Health and Safety Committee
Carl Baillie
Facilities Management
Jason Penney
Facilities Management
Thomas Cole
Facilities Management
Gail Power
Dean's Office
Margie Hartling
Animal Science & Aquaculture
Karen Rioux
Sercurity Services
Daryl Hayes
Margie Tate
Plant, Food & Environmental Sciences
Amanda LeBlanc
Human Resources
Beverly Zinck
Student Affairs
Michael McConkey
Dean's Office