Fire & Life Safety

Dalhousie University endeavours to protect faculty, staff, students, visitors, and facilities by constructing, operating and maintaining buildings to minimize the risk of injury or damage to any person, as well as adopting policies and procedures to ensure safe work practices.

Emergency Response

The most important consideration at any emergency scene is your own safety. If providing help to an injured person could put you or someone else (including the victim) at further risk to injury or illness, wait for the arrival of emergency responders. They are trained to deal with the potential hazards.

Send someone to call (or call yourself) Dalhousie Security at 4109 from a Dalhousie phone or (902) 494-4109 from a cell phone in Halifax. At the Agricultural Campus in Truro, dial 4190 from a Dalhousie phone or (902) 893 4190 from a cell phone. Provide Dalhousie Security with the following information:

  • Who you are
  • Where you are (as specific as possible)
  • The condition of the victim (level of consciousness, what happened to them, etc.)

Upon receiving the call Dalhousie Security will immediately dispatch staff to the scene and call (911) to summon emergency medical services (EMS). The staff is trained in emergency first aid and each vehicle carries an automated external defibrillator (AED). Dalhousie Security will also be better able to get to the scene as they are more familiar with the campuses and the layout of the various buildings. The staff will then be on scene to help direct arriving EMS to the scene.