For Current Students

Information for students currently enrolled in Civil, Environmental or Mineral Resource Engineering.


Approved Calculators for Mid-Term and Final Exams:
Some courses in Dalhousie University’s Department of Civil and Resource Engineering may specify only the use of Approved Calculators for certain assessment components (e.g., mid-term and final exams).

Approved Calculators are the following basic “non-programmable” calculators:
Sharp EL-510RNB
Casio fx-300MS Plus
Casio fx-991MS Plus
Texas Instruments TI-30Xa

Additional calculators may be added to the above list by the Department, or approved by individual course instructors. Please submit requests for review of the addition of a calculator model to the approved calculators list at least two weeks prior to the proposed use in a course. It is recommended that students should purchase their own approved calculator and take the time to become familiar with its use. Prior to use in a mid-term or final exam, the student should ensure the batteries are fresh and the calculator is operating properly.