Progress Reports

Officially, the progress report is due annually for each student in a thesis program. Unofficially, it’s easiest to think of filling out the form each June.

The purpose of the progress report is to know how you are progressing on your research and that you have a plan for the upcoming year.

You complete the progress report in the graduate student information system area of DalOn- Remember to both select the ”accept” pull-down beside your name at the bottom of the form and to save those changes. Entering data without doing the ”accept” step means that the data you entered is saved (for later changes), but will not be seen by FGS and so is the same as not having been completed.

It is best if you can discuss your progress and your goals with your supervisor before completing the progress report.

Once you submit your report, your supervisor and the graduate coordinator will be asked to provide their comments on the report. Either of them can return the report to you for further details or clarifications.

Important items on which to comment include:

  • Any main milestones that have been completed this past year
  • Some key targets for the upcoming year, aiming for at least one per term
  • The time when you are currently planning on graduating (can change over time)
  • Any unexpected events in your research or program that are impacting your progress and how you are managing or mitigating these events