Course Offerings

The Department of Russian Studies offers classes in Russian language, history, literature and culture as well as classes in Chinese Studies.

The Department of Russian Studies is continuously developing innovative new course offerings in Russian literature, culture, business, history of science, and many other areas of interest to our students.

Note: Not all classes are offered every academic year; please refer to the timetable for actual course offerings.

For the full list of course descriptions, refer to the Academic Calendar

1000 Level Courses

    RUSN 1000X/Y.06: Elementary Russian
    RUSN 1020.03: Russian Culture and Civilization under the Tsars
    RUSN 1070.03: Modern Russian Culture and Civilization

2000 Level Courses

    RUSN 2001X/Y.06: Intensive Second Year Russian
    RUSN 2002.03: Intermediate Russian I
    RUSN 2003.03: Intermediate Russian II
    RUSN 2009.03: Introduction to Business in Russia
    RUSN 2021X/Y.06: Imperial and Soviet Russia
    RUSN 2022.03: Imperial Russia
    RUSN 2023.03: Soviet Russia
    RUSN 2029.03: Conversation
    RUSN 2034.03: History of Russian Natural Science
    RUSN 2036.03: Russian Film I
    RUSN 2037.03: Russian Film II
    RUSN 2043.03: Eye-Books: Film Adaptations of World Literature I
    RUSN 2044.03: Eye-Books: Film Adaptations of World Literature II
    RUSN 2046.03: East European Cinema: War, Love, and Revolutions
    RUSN 2051.03: Survey of Russian Literature
    RUSN 2052.03: Survey of Russian Literature
    RUSN 2061.03: Russian Modernism
    RUSN 2062.03: Literature of Revolution - The 1920s in Russian Literature
    RUSN 2070.03: Russian Literature and Culture since Stalin's Death
    RUSN 2081.03: Contemporary Russian Culture - The Seven Deadly Sins
    RUSN 2151.03: Introduction to Russian Folklore
    RUSN 2191.03: Survey of Russian Theatre
    RUSN 2270.03: The Russian “Heroine”
    RUSN 2500.03: Tolstoy
    RUSN 2750.03: Dostoevsky and the Russian Idea
    RUSN 2760.03: Dostoevsky and Western Literature

3000 Level Courses

    RUSN 3002.03: Advanced Russian I
    RUSN 3003.03: Advanced Russian II
    RUSN 3011.03: Grammar I
    RUSN 3012.03: Grammar II
    RUSN 3029.03: Conversation
    RUSN 3031.03: Conversation
    RUSN 3032.03: Translation
    RUSN 3035.03: Literature: Reading and Analysis
    RUSN 3060.03: Special Topics: Post-Soviet Russia
    RUSN 3090.03: Russian Society Today
    RUSN 3091.03: Russian Intellectual History
    RUSN 3092.03: Russian Topics
    RUSN 3096.03: The History of Ideas in Russia: From Official Nationality to Solzhenitsyn's Neo-Slavophilism
    RUSN 3099.03: Solzhenitsyn Seminar
    RUSN 3102.03: Black Identity in Pushkin (Russian)
    RUSN 3103.03: Black Identity in Pushkin (English)
    RUSN 3121.03: 19th Century Russian Prose and Poetry
    RUSN 3122.03: 20th Century Russian Prose and Poetry
    RUSN 3330.03: Masterpieces of Russian Short Fiction
    RUSN 3520.03: Chekhov and Turgenev
    RUSN 3800.03: Gogol and His Tradition
    RUSN 3820.03: Nabokov

4000 Level Courses

    RUSN 4000X/Y.06: The Structure of Contemporary Standard Russian
    RUSN 4090.03: Soviet History Seminar (Cross-listed with HIST 4090 & 5091)
    RUSN 4100.03: Artistic Petersburg
    RUSN 4302.03: Russian Poetry
    RUSN 4950X/Y.03: 4960/03, 4990.06: Special Topics