Academic Advising

What do Academic Advisors do?

  • We advise students on course selection and degree requirements, and offer general guidance on academic matters. If you're unsure of which courses you want to take, or which you need to complete for your degree, get in touch with an advisor.
  • We guide students through the administrative procedures specific to Dalhousie University which govern the study abroad programmes offered by our department. If you're going abroad, you have to let Dalhousie know what your plans are. It's our job to make sure all of your paperwork is in order before you leave.
  • We liaise with the Office of the Registrar and the department as a whole in matters pertaining to students' academic standing. Transfer credits, honours applications, placement tests, you name it! We're your link to the administration.

Academic Advising Services provide accurate, up-to-date information, tailored to address your needs. Advising can be done in person, by mail or by telephone.

Russian Studies Undergraduate Advisor

Telephone: 902-494-1082