Why Russian?

Russia plays a crucial role in today's world and makes important contributions in a wide variety of scientific, technical, and humanistic fields. Knowledge of its linguistic and cultural backgrounds can prove advantageous in many areas of study. The radical shifts in the country over the past twenty years have significantly widened opportunities for using Russian in business, law, science and government.

Our programs

In the Department of Russian Studies, you’ve got choice. Classes are open to students either as part of their study for a major or honours degree requirement in Russian Studies, with classes in another discipline for a combined honours degree, or as electives in any degree program. Learn more about our programs.

Russian language classes

Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Our language classes will help you to gain a thorough grasp of its grammar, combined with practical competence in speaking, reading and writing. Russian literature classes are generally offered in both English and Russian in order to give as many students as possible from other disciplines the opportunity to become acquainted with this important part of Russian life.

Explore Russian culture

Our courses in Russian culture and civilization will introduce you to the art, architecture, music and religious faiths of the Russian people. We celebrate Russian culture with a number of activities: films, guest speakers and evenings of Russian poetry. The Dalhousie Association of Russian Students also organizes many fun events throughout the year.