Certificate in Theatre Creation

This Certificate is open to currently registered Dalhousie and King’s students in all Faculties.

The Certificate in Theatre Creation offers students opportunities to study playwriting, theatre directing, dramaturgy, and other skills associated with the creation of theatrical works. Through both practical and theoretical studies, students will develop an understanding of the basics of play analysis and dramaturgy before continuing to advanced electives enabling them to specialize by developing practical skills important to the work of playwrights and/or theatre directors. All courses offer experiential learning through practical creative exercises.

This Certificate will be of interest to any Dalhousie or King’s student who wishes to acquire foundational skills in creating theatrical works.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Certificate, students will:

  • Understand the key methodologies for conducting preparatory analytical work on a playtext before rehearsals begin
  • Understand the principles underlying the structuring of dramatic texts
  • Understand the typical rehearsal process, including how to interact with actors, designers, and stage technicians
  • Understand the theory and terminology of playwriting
  • Understand the theory and terminology of theatre directing
  • Understand audience-building activities, such as outreach and promotion
  • Have applied theoretical discoveries to practical and creative dramaturgical and playwriting exercises
  • Have applied theoretical exercises to practical exercises in theatre directing


The Certificate requires 12 credit hours. All students must complete:

  • Dramaturgy: The Art of Developing Plays (THEA 2901.03)
  • Play Analysis for Directors (THEA 2902.03)

Plus two of the following electives:

  • Directing for the Stage (THEA 3201.03)
  • The Playwright in the Theatre A (THEA 3601.03)
  • The Playwright in the Theatre B (THEA 3602.03)
  • Artists as Entrepreneurs: From Concept to Creation (THEA/PERF/MUSC 4250.03)
  • Puppets: Bringing Objects to Life (THEA 4925.03)


Contact: fspa.theatre@dal.ca