Certificate in Dance and Movement

This Certificate is open to currently registered Dalhousie and King’s students in all Faculties.

The Certificate in Dance and Movement introduces students to the broad context of dance as a performance art and to the various skills that encompass movement and dance techniques. Through both practical and theoretical studies, students will develop an understanding of dance composition and movement for the stage, and will develop the vocabularies necessary to communicate in the field of dance and movement. This Certificate will be of interest to any Dalhousie or King’s student who wishes to expand their knowledge of Dance and Movement, gain foundational performance skills, and improve physical wellness.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Certificate, students will:

·         Achieve proficiency in the basic skills of the performing artist: interaction with the performing space, creation of character through movement and gesture, collaboration, and ensemble-building.

·         Understand the broad vocabularies of dance and movement techniques.

·         Learn a variety of dance and movement techniques through practical application.

·         Gain a foundation in dance composition and be able to create choreographic sequences.

·         Develop confidence as performers by participating in a range of in-class and public performance opportunities.

·         Improve physical skills and wellness through exploration of alignment, healthy movement, and mind-body connection.

·         Gain an appreciation for, and be able to effectively explain both orally and in writing, the historical development of various dance styles and their importance to the cultures in which they developed.

Students can count credit earned in these courses toward their undergraduate major, minor, or distribution requirements, unless otherwise specified in their program's regulations.



This Certificate is a 15-credit-hour certificate. All students must complete:

  • Introduction to Acting and Performance 1 (THEA 1801.03)
  • Introduction to Acting and Peformance 2 (THEA 1802.03)
    Dance and Movement 1 and 2 (THEA 2821.03 and 2822.03)
    Jazz Dance 1 and 2 (THEA 2021.03/MUSC 2131.03 and THEA 2022.03/MUSC 2132.03)
  • Dance and Movement Composition (PERF 3830.03)

NOTE: Students majoring in Theatre, Music, or Cinema and Media Studies may add an Experiential Learning component to the Certificate in Dance and Movement. This can be done by adding a Short or Long Apprenticeship elective, via an application form available online at dal.ca/performingarts. Acceptance into apprenticeships is by application only and approval is given on a case-by-case basis. These electives are optional and are not required for completion of the Certificate in Dance and Movement.

Contact: performingarts@dal.ca

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