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Research by Dal IDS Grad Dr. Andrew Fanning (BA 2007)

Posted by IDS WEB on February 15, 2018 in News

Dal IDS Grad Dr. Andrew Fanning (BA 2007) and colleagues in Britain and Germany have just published an article in the journal Nature Sustainability, titled “A good life for all within planetary boundaries’. Fanning and his colleagues quantified the resource use associated with meeting basic human needs for over 150 countries and compared this to what is globally sustainable.  Worryingly, they found that there is currently no country that achieves a good life for its citizens at a level of resource use that could be extended to all people on the planet.

Since its release last week, the article has received media attention from around the world, including in the New York Times, LA Times, Daily Mail, Forbes, Independent, New Scientist, NPR, Telegraph of India, and La Vanguardia.

To learn more about this research, check out the Goodlife project website, read this short summary article published in The Conversation or read the whole article (open access):  

A good life for all within planetary boundaries