Benedicte Westre Skog

 BA Honours, 2012


Benedicte Westre Skog is a social entrepreneur with an MSc in International Development. She holds a BA Honours in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University (2012).

She founded a non-profit organization named Argan Care in 2013. Argan Care has been the driving force of initiating the planting of thousands of Argan trees in Morocco. The planting of trees has long-term effects in creating jobs and financial opportunities for local communities.

Argan Care also provides literacy training for women at Argan oil cooperatives and provides training in marketing and sales. To contribute to this exciting project, click here.

Benedicte is now based in Norway and is committed to humanitarian work and sustainable development besides her daily work in the private sector. Her experience in organizational work and her understanding of different cultures has led her to the international chess tournament, Norway Chess, where she has been working as project manager since 2015.

Benedicte is also the managing director of Norway Summit, a conference that aims to build bridges between different innovation eco-systems around the globe.