Tours Exchange Program

Tours, France

The largest city in the Centre-Val de Loire and capital of the Touraine region of the Loire Valley, Tours is renowned for its heritage - cultural, historic and gastronomic. Founded by the Romans, Tours offers a wealth of historical sites, including some of the most celebrated châteaux in France. The Loire Valley is the unofficial dividing line between northern and southern France, and access to diverse regions throughout the country is fast and convenient. Its proximity to Paris also offers excellent connections to other European countries.

France's excellent rail infrastructure allows for travel to surrounding cities and regions quickly. The region's capital of Orléans, site of Joan of Arc's victory over the English; the wonderful landscapes and wineries of Bordeaux, and the Celtic lands of Bretagne are all only a few hours' train ride away.

Program details

The Department of French proposes an exciting one-semester or full-year exchange in Tours, France. Eligible students may also choose to study abroad for the full year. The program is open to students with intermediate-level French skills or above.

Students taking part in the exchange can participate in events and outings with students from all over Europe through the Erasmus Student Network.

Students will choose their courses at the University of Tours from the discipline-specific offerings of the different UT faculties (Literature, Civilization, History, Scoiology, Psychology, Art History, Music, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Science, Computer Science, etc.), and may take up to 12 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits per semester at the CUEFEE (in written French, oral French, and French Culture). The total credit load for a full semester is 30 ECTS credits.

Info session

The French Department willl be hosting an information session for the 2023/24 program on Thursday, March 23 from 11:35 am to 12:30 pm in room 2017 of the McCain Building. In the meantime, interested students should feel free to come see us at the French Department office in McCain 1114!

How to apply

Students interested in applying for the Tours exchange program can write to us at

Find out more

About Tours

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L'Université de Tours

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Things to do

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