Saint‑Pierre and Miquelon field school

Study in France - 30km from Newfoundland!

The Department of French offers a NEW three-week immersion program to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon which gives you a chance to live European culture, speak Metropolitan French and discover a world apart, right at our own doorstep.

About the program

The Dalhousie Field School in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is a three-week immersion program. Students will complete two university courses in French and live with a French family. The program is based at the Francoforum, a dedicated language training centre, and is supervised by a Dalhousie professor who accompanies the group.

The program is open to all students who have an intermediate level of French (FREN 1045/1050 or equivalent), from all faculties. It is a great way to kickstart a Major or Minor in French, or develop advanced oral French skills for future career opportunities.

Benefits of a Three-Week Stay in Saint-Pierre

Discover a Unique Francophone Destination
A territorial collectivity of France, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is home to 6,000 French nationals. The currency is the Euro, the schools, businesses and services all operate in French. Enjoy gastronomy, wine and cultural activities in an authentic French environment - a 90 minute flight from Halifax!

Explore the History and Geography of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence
Saint-Pierre's interactions with the rest of North America, and with Europe, have a rich and fascinating history. The rugged beauty of its Atlantic landscapes is unparalleled.

Live in French!
Through accommodation and meals with host families, and a mixture of classroom activities, excursions, socio-cultural programs, athletic activities, site visits and experiential learning, students will have the opportunity to use and develop their French skills rapidly and effectively.