Double Major in English (post September 2018)

BA Double Major in English (120 Credit Hours)

English can be combined with another subject in a Double Major program.  The Double Major degree provides wide-ranging preparation for a wide variety of careers, including the teaching of English at elementary and high-school levels. It is organized to develop skills in reading, interpreting, and writing about a variety of literary and cultural texts.


1.  Students must meet the Faculty requirements for Concentrated Honours, which include 60 to 84 credit hours in English above the 1000 level, with 30-48 credit hours in each subject with at least 18 credit hours beyond the 2000 level in each subject.  Among the English courses, students must take:

2.  One or more courses in each of at least four of the following areas, with two of the areas chosen from among areas 1-6

 1) Critical Methods (recommended)           2) Medieval                              
 3) Renaissance                                               4) 18th Century           
 5) Romantics                                                   6) Victorian

 7) Modern British                                            8) American
 9) Canadian                                                    10) Postcolonial/World Literature
11) Cultural Studies/Popular Culture          12) Writing/Creative Writing/Language

Please consult the Academic Calendar for more detailed information.