For First‑Year Students

Welcome to all new students to the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (also known as FASS)!  The coming years will be filled with more changes, excitement and fun than you can begin to imagine!  No matter what program you choose or where you end up, we promise you this much:  it will be a transformative, memorable time.

Below you will find some links to resources and other information that we think you'll find helpful when deciding on the steps you take to begin your journey in FASS. 

COVID-19 Update for Students:

All course delivery in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is currently being delivered online. If students have specific or additional questions about online course delivery or about how it may affect your studies, please contact the appropriate department or program or academic advisor directly.

If you have any questions that you need help finding the answers to, please feel free to contact Genevieve MacIntyre, Manager of Student Recruitment, Communications and Marketing for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at and she will help connect you to the best person that can answer your question.

For further information from the university, please visit the COVID-19 Information and Updates webpage.

Helpful resources for new FASS students

The 2020 edition of the FASS First Year Newsletter
Here you will find some advice from some of our faculty members and students on how to make the most of your first year in FASS at Dal!

Video Interviews - Introducing FASS Departments and Programs
Meet several of our faculty members as they introduce their departments and programs.

Quick Facts About Each of Our Departments and Programs
Learn about the top reasons why you should consider these areas of study.

FASS Departments and Centres
The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences is comprised of departments, programs and the Fountain School of Performing Arts; collectively housing over 35 different areas of study.

FASS Programs
Explore our undergraduate majors/honours, interdisciplinary minors, certificates, and graduate program options.

DalCAP - Coordinated Arts Program
Instead of designing your own course schedule from scratch, you might wish to start your time at Dal with our intensive, multidisciplinary, coordinated, and structured set of courses.

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)
In these FIGs, you'll meet other first-year, undeclared BA students with similar interests, and you'll have the opportunity to explore those interests, and future academic career options, with senior peers and with experts - all in a small group setting.

Academic Advising
Department academic advisors are happy to help answer your questions about FASS majors, honours options and program requirements.

Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Student Society (DASSS)
The Dalhousie Arts & Social Sciences Society (or DASSS for short) represents all students in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. DASSS acts as a forum of exchange between departmental student societies within the faculty and organizes events relevant to FASS students.

Scholarships, bursaries and awards
Each year, arts & social sciences students are recognized for their success and dedication through scholarships, bursaries and awards. 

"Violence and Protest" - a mini-lecture by Dr. Ajay Parasram

Are all types of violence equal? FASS professor, Dr. Ajay Parasram, argues that pressure from political leaders and mass media to condemn property damage serves to divide social movements and preserve a racist status quo. In this mini-lecture, we'll think through hard questions about structural forms of violence, satyagraha (truth-force), and the importance of understanding "solidarity" as a verb.

This mini-lecture by Dr. Parasram is only one example of the broad range of topics that are discussed and researched in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.