Minor in Creative Writing

Starting September 2018 students can declare a minor in Creative Writing. To complete the minor students must take:

At least 6 credit hours from:
        CRWR 2001.03 The Creative Process
        CRWR 2002.03 Introduction to Creative Writing
        CRWR 2010.03 The Personal Essay

At least 12 credit hours from:
CRWR 3010.03/ENGL 3098.03: Creative Writing: Poetry I
CRWR 3020.03/ENGL 3099.03: Creative Writing: Fiction I
CRWR 3011.03 (formerly 3000.03): Creative Writing:  Poetry II
CRWR 3021.03 (formerly 3001.03): Creative Writing:  Fiction II
CRWR 3100.03: Songwriting
CRWR 3200.03: Spoken Word
CRWR 3311.03: Editing and Publishing Literature
CRWR 3410.03: Writing for Children: Picture Books
THEA 3601.03: The Playwright in the Theatre a
THEA 3602.03: The Playwright in the Theatre b
JOUR 3440.03: Creative Non-Fiction
JOUR 3441.03: Advanced Creative Non-Fiction
CRWR 4010.03/4011.03: Advanced Poetry (both courses must be completed)
CRWR 4020.03/4021.03: Advanced Fiction (bothcourses must be completed)