Degree Requirements

BA Combined Honours/Double Major in Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is not restricted to FASS students. Dalhousie and King's students from any Faculty are able to combine Creative Writing with another subject to earn one of two combined degrees: a B.A. (120 credit-hour) Double Major program with Creative Writing as the secondary subject, or a B.A. (120 credit-hour) Combined Honours program with Creative Writing as a secondary subject.

The degree requirements for the Creative Writing side of a degree are identical for a Combined Honours and a Double Major degree. Admission to Combined Honours in Creative Writing requires application to the Department of English, which administers the Creative Writing Program.

A student cannot complete a stand-alone degree with a major in Creative Writing, nor can Creative Writing be the primary subject in a Combined Honours degree.  Students are advised to ensure that their other area of study (e.g., English, History, or Psychology) may serve as the primary subject in a Double Major or Combined Honours Degree.

Courses are available in fiction, poetry, songwriting, playwriting, and narrative non-fiction.   


  1. 6 to 9 credit hours from:
    CRWR 2001.03: The Creative Process
    CRWR 2002.03: Introduction to Creative Writing
    ENGL/CRWR 2010.03: The Personal Essay
    3 credit hours from any 2000 level ENGL course

  2. 12 credit hours from:
    CRWR 3010.03/ENGL 3098.03: Creative Writing: Poetry I
    CRWR 3020.03/ENGL 3099.03: Creative Writing: Fiction I
    CRWR 3011.03 (formerly 3000.03): Creative Writing:  Poetry II
    CRWR 3021.03 (formerly 3001.03): Creative Writing:  Fiction II
    CRWR 3100.03: Songwriting
    CRWR 3200.03: Spoken Word
    CRWR 3311.03: Editing and Publishing Literature
    CRWR 3410.03: Writing for Children: Picture Books
    THEA 3601.03: The Playwright in the Theatre a
    THEA 3602.03: The Playwright in the Theatre b
    JOUR 3440.03: Creative Non-Fiction
    JOUR 3441.03: Advanced Creative Non-Fiction

  3. 6 credit hours from:
    CRWR 4010.03/4011.03: Advanced Poetry (both courses must be completed)
    CRWR 4020.03/4021.03: Advanced Fiction (bothcourses must be completed)

  4. An additional 3 to 6 credit hours from the above list for a total of 30 credit hours in Creative Writing.


If you are taking the Creative Writing Program, CRWR 2002.03 is a prerequisite for CRWR 3010.03 and CRWR3020.03. CRWR 3010.03 with a grade of B or better is a prerequisite for CRWR 3011.03, and CRWR 3020.03 with a grade of B or better is a prerequisite for CRWR 3021.03.

Students interested in Creative Writing but not completing the program may enter individual 3000-level CRWR courses with the instructor’s permission.

Not all courses may be offered in any given year. Check the Academic Timetable for current and future listings.

Students interested in combining Creative Writing and English can check out the requirements for a double major or combined honours degree in English and Creative Writing.