Creative writing is an increasingly popular field of study in North America. Like other studio classes in the fine arts (e.g., in painting, music or acting), the writing workshop is distinguished by a small class size and a high degree of peer learning. Our program begins with an interdisciplinary course in creativity (CRWR 2001.03: The Creative Process). Students also take writing workshops in established genres such as poetry, fiction, narrative nonfiction and playwriting.

The creative writing workshop promotes creative problem-solving, revision, observation, innovation, process-based learning and, above all else, attention to the effective and moving use of language.

All instructors are published creative writers who offer personal insight into the writing process, and most classes are workshops where you get to discuss your writing with peers.

Creative writing graduates have excellent skills in oral and written communication as well as lateral thinking. Workshops routinely require students to edit and analyze peer work, so the creative writing graduate is already familiar with leadership, group dynamics, critical analysis and diplomacy. Now, more than ever, the world needs creative problem solvers.

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