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Creative Activities

Faculty Publications

El Jones

Live from the Afrikan Resistance! (Fernwood Publishing, 2014)

"Live from the Afrikan Resistance! is the first collection of spoken word poetry by Halifax’s fifth Poet Laureate, El Jones. These poems speak of community and struggle. They are grounded in the political culture of African Nova Scotia and inherit the styles and substances of hip- hop, dub and calypso’s political commentary. They engage historical themes and figures and analyze contemporary issues — racism, environmental racism, poverty and, violence — as well as confront the realities of life as a Black woman. The voice is urgent, uncompromising and passionate in its advocacy and demands. One of Canada’s most controversial spoken word artists, El Jones writes to educate, to move communities to action and to demonstrate the possibilities of resistance and empowerment. Gathered from seven years of performances, these poems represent the tradition of the prophetic voice in Black Nova Scotia." Fernwood Publishing

Stephen Kimber

What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five (Fernwood Publishing, 2013)

"Far from being a boring account of deeds and misdeeds, Kimber employs eloquent prose and an enjoyable style to draw the reader into the tangled layers of terrorism and murder, espionage and deception, propaganda and myths, life sentences and impunity, meanness and hatred, love and sacrifice, romance and solitude, patriotism and delusion, good intentions and bad, and lies, lies, and more lies.” Havana Times

Shashi Bhat

The Family Took Shape (Cormorant Books, 2013)

"The Family Took Shape has a strange and very beautiful ending, proof of Bhat’s tremendous promise. It may take a moment to get used to the general quietness of this novel. But the more time you invest, the greater the reward." —National Post

Sue Goyette

Ocean (Gaspereau Press, 2013)

"Ocean is a rich read, bountiful in its meanderings. One can quibble, though, with Goyette’s penchant for far-fetched metaphors, such as 'the raisins of winter clouds'; 'walk the uneven ground of our fear'; 'We were invalids in the pale hospital hours // of our kitchens'; 'When had our hearts become badly behaved / dogs we had to keep the screen door closed to?' There is even 'a talk show // of rain clouds.'" — George Eliot Clarke.

Carole Glasser Langille

Church of the Exquisite Panic: The Ophelia Poems (Pedlar Press 2012)

"Using the quietly powerful and tragic character Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a touchstone for a sprawling collection of new poems, established poet Carole Glasser Langille has given readers her most refined and vital work to date."— The Coast

Shandi Mitchell

Under this Unbroken Sky (Viking Canada, 2009)

“Teems with life. Mitchell has already made a name for herself as a director and screenwriter. With Under This Unbroken Sky, she proves that a good storyteller excels, no matter what medium she chooses.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Awards for Under this Unbroken Sky:

2012     Kobzar Literary Prize 2012 (biennial award)
2010     Longlisted for the Dublin Impac Literary Award
2009     Commonwealth Writers Prize First Book-Canada and
2009     Margaret and John Savage First Book Award
2009     Thomas Head Raddall Fiction Award