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OACC and OFC are pleased to share an exciting library of resources related to Cluster 3 research.

Organic Science Canada Magazine

Organic Science Canada is packed with the latest advancements in organic research and innovation from the Organic Science Cluster. The magazine brings you trends, news and results from across Canada. The scientists who appear in these pages are working hard to improve the sustainability and profitability of organic and low-input agricultural systems.

Spring 2020

This exciting issue is devoted to crop breeding projects, many of which focus on field crops. These projects, which are funded by the Cluster, provide a glimpse of the impressive variety and scope of organic research taking place across the country!

Stay tuned for the launch of this issue, coming June 2020!  

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Producer bulletins

Producer bulletins aim to present technical research results in a clear and concise manner that can be understood and implemented by organic farmers.

Breeding for Organic Field Crops in Canada

FINAL- Field Crop Breeding 1

Over the last 10 years, researchers and breeders involved with the three Organic Science Clusters have been exploring approaches to breeding cultivars suitable for organic management. They have looked at the costs and rewards in organic breeding and the impact these cultivars may potentially have on the industry. This brochures outlines some of the key findings in organic field crop breeding research.

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Meet the Scientists

OSC3- Meet the Scientists- FINAL  1

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Organic Science Cluster 3

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The Organic Science Conversations Podcasts feature interviews with OSC 3 researchers interested in the challenges of organic production.

Berry byproducts in poultry feed: an alternative to antibiotics? (June 2020)


What if we could replace the antibiotics used in broiler production with berry products? Dr. Moussa Diarra has found exciting results in his OSC3 research activity when feeding organic cranberry and wild blueberry pomace to organic broiler chickens.

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Sourcing phosphorus from human wastewater to feed organic soils (May 2020)

Sourcing phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient which is often in short supply on organic farms, particularly Prairie farms. Kimberley Schneider and her colleague Henry Wilson are conducting a unique research activity: using struvite, derived from wastewater, to address the phosphorus deficit in certain organically managed soils and to provide a renewable source of phosphorus.

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Flower Power: Attracting pollinators and beneficials in field crops (May 2020)

Flower power- Gibbs

Beneficial insects, such as pollinators, provide ecosystem services that can improve the sustainability of crop production. Jason Gibbs is measuring how strips of flowers can influence the abundance and diversity of beneficial insects on both organic and non-organic farms. He will evaluate how the change in beneficial organisms can enhance pollination and biological pest control in both organic and non-organic farms in Manitoba.

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